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Journal of International Sports Science

Journal of International scientific electronic, organized by experts and specialists in the field of physical education and sports, and concerned with research and scientific studies and contemporary sports issues, is published to provide researchers and interested in the latest information and knowledge developments in the field of physical education and sports through research and expertise, Physical and Sports (Riyadh Training, Biomechanics and Philosophy in Sports Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Mathematics, Curriculum, Teaching Methods, Education, Mathematical Psychology, Physiology, Physiology, Sports Marketing and Sports management and management and sports play in addition to sports media, fitness, health, rest of the disciplines physical education and sports.( This should allow researchers and people in all countries of the world to publish their scientific production free of charge, provided that it is original, creative and creative in the fields of physical science and sport, while adhering to the ethics of scientific research and scientific methodology. These include: original research: applied and theoretical, scientific reviews, research reports, short scientific correspondence, reports of conferences, meetings, symposia and scientific forums, summaries of letters and scientific papers, and academic and sports activities The journal also welcomes the publication of recently published books in the journal.

About Us

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The journal message: Dissemination of scientific research and production according to international scientific professional standards in the field of physical education and sports sciences…

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The journal vision:
To be a journal classified among the most famous containers and international classifications in accordance with the rules and regulations of scientific and global and…

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The journal goals:
1. The International Sports Science Journal should become a scientific reference for researchers, postgraduate students and beneficiaries of the specialized staff…

International Sports Science Journal


Administrative board

Prof. Dr. Lami Samir Hamoudi Salman

Editor Secretary

Dr. Saad Moneim Nafi Al-Naimi

Deputy Editor in Chief

Prof. Maher Ahmed Assi

managing editor

Mohammed bin Hassan Abdullah Al-Shehri


International Journal Advisory Committee

Prof. Andrei Vonvik

Lviv State University of Physical Culture

Prof. Ulrich Hartmann

Leipzig Germany

Prof. Ashraf Ahmed Shaalan

Injuries and Rehabilitation

circle-cropped (2)

Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Ibrahim Bukhari

Sports Management

Prof. maytat cuz

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Ankara

Prof. Abdul Wahab Mohammed Al-Najjar

Measurement and Evaluation

Prof. Nader Shalaby

Training Physiology

circle-cropped (1)

Prof. Mohammed Sabri Omar

Curricula and teaching methods


Prof. Abdul Rahman Nasser Rashid

Measurement and Selection

Prof. Dr. Hafal Khurshid Rafiq

Sports Training

Prof. Sadeq Khalid Al-Hayek

Curriculum and Instruction

Prof. Sabah Mahdi Karim

physiology training sports / weights


Prof. Majed Al-Shendi

Physiology of Training


Prof. Dirgham Hashem Mohammed Bakr

Measurement and Evaluation / Football

International Sports Science Journal


Editorial board members

Prof. Dr. Noman Abdul Ghani

sports training

Prof. Amal Ahmed Hassan Halabi

Measurement and Evaluation

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nader Mohammed Shibli

physiology of training

circle-cropped (2)

Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Dayel

King Saud University

circle-cropped (2)

Prof. Tawfiq Idris Mohammed Ahid Bakri

Umm Al-Qura University

Prof. Osama Kamel Ali Lalla

Fitness and physical health

Prof. Hashem Adnan Kilani

Kinetic and Biomechanical Sciences

Prof. Majid Khuda Yakhsh

Tests and measurements


Prof. Raed Fayek Abdul Jabbar


circle-cropped (1)

Prof. Magdy Mahmoud Ali

Injuries and rehabilitation

Prof. Ziad Essa Ibrahim Zayed

Umm Al-Qura University


Prof. Noureddine Mokhtar Bin Said

King Saud University

Members of the evaluation and arbitration committee

Prof. Dr. Aseel Jalil Kinetic

Education / Square and Square

Prof. Dr. Saeed Nizar Saeed

Psychology / Handball

Prof. Dr. Fatima Abdul Maleh

sports training


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Obeid

Methods of teaching

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Tiawi

Science of Training / Football Sports

Prof. Dr. Abu Bakr Ibrahim bin Abdul Karim

University of Jeddah

Prof. Dr. Walid Ahmed Awwad



Khwildi El-Hawary

Sports training / football