A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of the critical ability on the deficit and the amount of oxygen consumed after the effort and the variables associated with O2 and CO2 and carbon dioxide for handball players

  1. Dr. Falah Hassan Abdullah
  2. Prof. Qais Saeed Dayem
  3. Assist. Prof.Ali Khoman Alwan

Abstract: The present study aimed to know the amount of deficiency and oxygen debt and the oxygen-related variables when testing the critical power 3 min out – all. The research objectives were achieved when a sample of 10 footballers representing Al-Qadisiyah University football team, whose average length (177 cm) and their weight reached (70) and ages (20.3 years) was examined. K5 technology was used to measure the deficiency, oxygen and related variables. With oxygen, which is a very modern global technology that extracted variables (pulmonary ventilation, respiratory coefficient, VO2MAX, heart rate, oxygen ventilation equivalent, carbon dioxide equivalent ventilation, oxygen deficiency),

 as the critical capacity test was performed on a bicycle with a physical stress level of two legs. E894 Bastak The test lasts for 3 min out – all and the test duration is 3 minutes in which the player performs the test with the maximum rotational speed against a resistance that represents 4.5% of the player’s body weight and it is necessary to maintain the output capacity steady sate and the rate of the produced capacity is the last 30 seconds is the critical capacity, and the results have appeared indicating There is a correlation between critical ability with disability and debt, with no correlation with oxygen and carbon dioxide equivalents.

Key words: critical capacity, oxygen intake, handball.

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