A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of a proposed training curriculum for Fartlik training on some physical, physiological and skill variables for handball players (U17)

  1. Prof. Dr. Saad Menem Al-Naimi
  2. Prof.Baoush Khaled
  3. Prof. Al-Aidani Hakim

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the effect of a proposed training program for Fartalik training on some physical, physiological and skill variables for handball players, based on an experimental study where researchers chose the one group method, and the study was conducted on a sample of (14) players from the Al-Wafa team Sarah belonging to the active teams at the state of the state association of Blida, and after applying the training program, the results of the pre and post tests of the variables under study (physical, physiological, and skill variables) were collected. The researchers statistically processed these results. Using the mean, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient and (T) test, significant differences of statistical significance were found in favor of dimensional tests in physical variables (maximum speed, explosive strength of the muscles of the legs),

as well as significant differences with statistically significant benefit in favor of the tests. Dimensions in performing the skill of chivalry, as well as the presence of statistically significant differences for the benefit of dimensional tests in physiological variables (pulse in the case of rest, pulse after exertion), accordingly, the researchers recommended to focus on Fartleck exercises when developing experimental approaches to what A positive impact on both physical and physiological variables, the need to encourage trainers to use the fartalk method because of its great importance in developing the physical and skill aspect and to move away from the traditional methods used in training, attention to performing flexibility and lengthening exercises before and after each training unit, the need to continue training On special physical abilities during the competition stage to ensure stability improves the level of skill performance. Key words: training curriculum, fartalk style, physical variables, physiological variables, handball skill variables.

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