A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of special exercises according to the lactic energy system in the development of some physiological variables and the performance of offensive skills installed in basketball for youth

Assist. Dr. Suhad Ibrahim Hamdan

Abstract: The modern basketball game requires the player to enjoy physical fitness and high mobility, in order to be able to continue with sufficient sufficiency without dropping the level throughout the length of the game, especially in the second half of the game and its end. Complex offensive skills in the basketball game need important physical and physiological abilities, and through the researcher’s follow-up to most training units for basketball youth, he observed a conviction that weak enough attention was given by some coaches to training related to the physiological aspect, which is reflected in the level of player performance, which is often reduced Especially in the third and fourth periods, as the effectiveness of players’ participation in the competition decreases, and both defense and attack, so the researcher went to conduct a field academic study that includes studying the two methods of training based on the non-tactical energy production system, so that it may be A remedy for this deficiency benefits coaches and players, as well as providing information to be added to the Arab Mathematical Library in Mathematical Physiology. The research aims to prepare exercises according to the tactical energy system to develop some physiological variables and perform complex offensive skills in youth basketball, and learn about the impact of special exercises in developing some variables Physiology and performance of complex offensive skills in youth basketball. The researcher used the experimental method with the experimental design with pre and post testing of the two equivalent groups (experimental and control), as it suits the nature of the research.

The search community has been identified by the young basketball players of the Babylon Sports Club belonging to the 2018-2019 training season of 14 players. As the research sample was chosen using the comprehensive inventory method, the sample was divided into two groups (experimental and controlling), and by seven players for each group. Conclusions were reached, the most important of which is a positive effect of lactic acid training in developing the heart rate, lactic acid level and Vo2 Max level for the experimental group players and in favor of telemetry.
Keywords: lactic energy system, complex offensive skills, basketball.

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