A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

Psychological attitudes of Jeddah University students, without specialization, towards physical activity

Prof. Wafa Fahad Al-Shamrani
Dr. Sana Al-Shaatani

Abstract: This study aims to clarify psychological trends among students of the University of Jeddah without specialization Towards physical activity, identifying various differences and measuring change in the level of attitudes toward practice Physical activity at Jeddah University according to: level of physical activity, academic specialization, year for the following variables Scholastic, the two researchers used the descriptive method in the survey method to suit its nature and the problem to be solved
The research community Jeddah University students with their human, scientific and health colleges and departments (without specialization) in Mathematical Sciences during the second semester of the year (2020). The study consisted of (210) female students
They were randomized from the study population. To collect the study data,

the researcher used a questionnaire to measure Trends towards physical activity used in a study (Al-Jafri, 2013) after making some of the amendments he proposed
The arbitrators and their suitability with the reality of the current study. In light of the findings of the study, the researcher could Achieving a positive trend towards the physical activity of female students in Jeddah University, as the female students’ attitudes came Positive aspects of the questionnaire as a whole, and the trends of female university students in Jeddah are not specialized towards practic Physical activity in particular in terms of practitioners of physical activity and non-practitioners, as I find the field is ill
Psychology in the first place on both sides is that there is an acceptance of Jeddah University students towards physical activities,
This means that the sample in general was positive trends towards physical activity, and the variables (specialization) did not affect Academic, and academic year) on the directions of female students of the University of Jeddah without specialization towards practicing activities,
The researcher recommended the need to work to increase opportunities for physical activity for health and participation in
Sports activities for all applications depending on their abilities and physical levels, at the university and family levels, Increasing social awareness of physical activity through seminars and sports activities suitable for all
Categories of students and giving them the opportunity to practice sports, and the issuance of awareness brochures to be published inside the university. .
Keywords: direction – physical activity

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