A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of biomechanical feedback by mobile phone and kinetic analysis programs on teaching the handstand skill in gymnastics

muayid muhamad ‘amin

Abstract: Feedback is one of the most important variables in the field of motor learning which It affects the learning process, as there have been many methods and methods of transferring information and a significant progress has occurred as a result of the development of modern concepts of the educational process and its connection to the mental and cognitive capabilities of the learner. The researcher used the experimental method. The study was conducted on a sample from the student of the Department of Physical Education / College of Basic Education / Karmian University, as the total of the research sample was (20) students who were randomly distributed into two control and experimental groups, and after conducting the pre-test the experimental group received biomechanical feedback by the urine system and the analysis program Kinetic (Express Dartfish).
And after statistically processing the data, the results of the study showed that there were significant statistically significant differences
Between the pre- and post-benefit measurements for both groups, but there is a difference between them
The two programs resulted in a noticeable improvement in the level of performance, and the results also showed that there were similar differences
Significant statistical significance in the post test between the control and experimental groups and for the benefit of the group
Experimental, and the researcher concluded the effectiveness of biomechanical feedback using a urinal device and a program
Kinetic analysis on teaching and developing the kinetic performance of the handstand skill
Ground movements.
Key words: feedback, mobile phone, gymnastics.

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