A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

A comparative study of functional variables according to body mass between dietary supplement users and non-intake users and achievement of a talented 100 meter sprint

Dr. Zainab Johnny Kouti

Abstract: Nutrition in the training process that complements the requirements of work and effective physical effort is a result of the burdens that fall on the work of muscles and other functional devices, and the fact that training, especially the effectiveness of athletics, especially the effectiveness of quick jogging, including running 100 meters. In view of the great development that has caused a big surge in numbers for this activity, it is necessary to use factors that support the training process, including the nutritional supplement, which depends on the functional and chemical variables that occur in the competitor’s body, which depend on the type of effort and the training phase that the player conducts. And he dealt with the problem through the weakness of the numbers in the effectiveness of the 100-meter sprint in recent years, so the research addressed the problem by studying the relationship between users of the food supplement with the training units and non-users of the dietary supplement for the two groups under study, as the researcher distributed the two groups between the dietary supplement consumers and the non-users Food supplement as two groups (5) for each group, where the group that used the food supplement and the non-intake of the nutritional supplement, as the researcher concluded that there had been an evolution in the completion of the sample that used the food supplement at the expense of the one who did not use the nutritional supplement and thus the researcher recommended the use of nutritional supplements and vitamins necessary to stimulate the work of muscles for the activities Sports to achieve development and achievement. .
Key words: functional variants – nutritional supplement – talented 100 meter sprint

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