A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of special exercises according to playing situations and some means of assistance in developing some basic skills of middle school students in basketball

Nour al-Din Ali Mazloum

The Ministry of Education / Rusafa third

Abstract: The student is the cornerstone through which the proper construction of various sporting events in general, and basketball in particular, especially in middle school ages, if the appropriate period for learning the skill of basketball is considered because of the good physical qualities that the student enjoys during this period. To prepare special exercises that are simple in their composition and appropriate with the students’ stage and according to the most frequent play situations in matches, whether in offensive or defensive skills and with the presence and use of assistive tools, which guarantees the improvement of the learning process and greatly shortens the effort and time.

In light of the results of the study, the researcher concluded the following:

1- Special exercises according to playing situations led to the development of basic skills.

2- The introduction of assistive devices during the teaching process had an effective role in acquiring basic skills.

3- The graduated training intensity used in the training curriculum has a clear effect on the individuals of the research sample and affected the increase in the effectiveness of the training.

The researchers recommend the following:

1- The need for serious attention by physical education teachers to develop exercises according to play situations.

2 – The need to focus on the use of assistive devices during the learning process.

3- Emphasis on the use of scientific foundations when developing the training curriculum in terms of intensity, size and comfort.

4- Expanding similar studies on other samples, whether they are female or male.

Key words: special exercises – playing positions – aids – basic skills – basketball.

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