A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of exercises according to muscular strength aspects in developing the accuracy of some students’ volleyball skills

Iman Faiq Saleh

Ministry of Education / Baghdad Education Directorate / Al-Rusafa Al-Aula

Abstract: The great development in various sciences, especially the science of sports training, has led, from the point of view of specialists and experts, to finding the best ways to reach sport to the highest levels. And from this the aim of this research is to find the effect of exercises for aspects of muscular forces in developing some basic skills of volleyball, as the researcher suggested that there is a statistically significant relationship between the effect of exercises for muscle strength aspects under study in the development of some aircraft skills for members of the sample, as well as the existence of a correlation relationship. Morale between performing some basic skills in volleyball and special exercises for muscular strength aspects, The researcher used the training programs for the control and experimental groups on a sample of the second phase of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences – the university and they numbered (12) students. They were divided into two control and experimental groups for the academic year 2019-2020. By searching according to the requirements of the basic skills, which included the transmission directed from the top (tennis), passing from the front of the head to the front, and the skill of the blocking wall as requirements for the study under consideration, then the special exercises for strengths prepared by the researcher were applied for a period of (6) weeks, at the rate of two units per week. And then conducting the post-tests under the same conditions as the pre-test, and then conducting their own statistical methods. Through the findings of the researcher to several conclusions, including the use of exercises for muscular strength aspects, she worked on developing the research skills and the presence of significant statistical significance in the post tests of the experimental group, as the researcher recommended emphasizing the necessity of using exercises for muscular strength aspects and training units in developing basic skills And for other games and academic stages in university education.

Key words: muscle strength – precision of some skills – volleyball – for students

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