A brief summary of the research

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A brief summary of the research

A comparative study to analyze the individual defensive tactical performance of the semi-final matches of the European Championship 2016

Prof. Dr. Saad Moneim Al Nuaimi Al Sheikhly 1

University of Baghdad/ College of Political Science 1

( saadalsheekhly@yahoo.com1 )

Abstract: Football analysis is one of the effective means to raise the level of performance by identifying the negatives and positives in the teams’ performance, as the analysis generates a perception about the nature of the teams’ tactical performance and thus the possibility of comparing the tactical level of the teams with the teams participating in different tournaments, so this problem was addressed. The important field in football because the analysis helps to improve the training methods and thus raise the level of performance in football.

The researcher used the descriptive approach in the survey method on a sample of eight teams, which represent the four teams that exited from the first round and the four teams that reached the semi-finals and have played (23) participation matches in the 2016 European Championship out of twenty-four, and formed a percentage of A percentage of 45.098% from the original community of the research, as (23) twenty-three matches of the total of 51 matches were analyzed, and the teams included in the research are Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, France, Germany and Wales.

In light of the analysis and discussion of the results, the researcher concluded that there is a discrepancy in the performance of individual defensive tactics during matches between the teams of the research sample, and there are significant differences between the arithmetic circles in (the defender’s coverage of the empty back spaces, the bounce back in the empty spaces, the goalkeeper’s coverage of the blind side of the defenders , The defender covered the goalkeeper after leaving the goal to meet the ball and in favor of the teams that reached the golden square because of the outstanding performance of the players of those teams, while there were no significant differences between the arithmetic circles, the individual defensive tactical variables represented by the delay in defense between the teams that reached the golden square and The teams emerging from the first round in the 2016 European Nations Championship, which confirms the convergent level of the research sample teams in this individual defensive tactical aspect under study.
The researcher recommended the necessity of increasing the time allocated for training basic skills and raising the level of players’ performance in training curricula and training units for all age stages, as well as benefiting from the research results in the training process and focusing on those variables that were focused on by global teams, and finally training on the teams’ individual defensive tactical performance Through similar training situations.

Keywords: individual defensive tactical performance – football – European Nations Championship.

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