A brief summary of the research

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A brief summary of the research

The effect of special protective exercises on developing some physical abilities of the (100m) freestyle swim for men (S9-S10 category)

M. Taha Ghafel Abdullah Hussein 1, Prof. Muthanna Ahmed Khalaf 2

Tikrit University/College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 1

Tikrit University/College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 2

( Taha.sport@tu.edu.iq, 2mailto:Prof.dr.muthanna_sport@tu.edu.iq)

Abstract: The research problem lies in the fact that swimming for the physically disabled is one of the most burdensome activities for disabled players in terms of the great intensity that falls on the players’ shoulders during training or during competitions as a result of the presence of resistance on his body in the water medium that differs from the natural resistance of the rest of the activities as well as the loss of One of his limbs, and through field inspection, investigation and interviews with some coaches and players and access to scientific sources, it was found that most of the physically disabled swimmers (S9-S10 category) suffer from some injuries in the muscles of the upper limbs, especially during the training period due to high training loads, as well as from During the use of crutches during the practice of their general lives, so it was necessary to study this problem by preparing special preventive exercises that would improve and prepare the working muscles, especially the muscles of the upper limbs, and try to reduce injuries by strengthening the muscle groups working on each joint of the joints of the upper extremities in the form Which ensures that swimming players with physical disabilities benefit from these exercises.

The aim of the research was to prepare special exercises for the prevention of some injuries of the upper extremity muscles to develop some physical abilities in swimming (100 meters) freestyle for men (S9-S10 category), and to identify the effect of special exercises for the prevention of some muscles of the upper extremity in developing some physical abilities for swimming ( 100 meters) men’s freestyle (S9-S10).

The researchers used the experimental method with one group with two tests, pre and post tests for its suitability to the nature of the research, and the research sample was chosen by the intentional method represented by the swimmers of the Iraqi national team for the physically handicapped category (S9–S10), which numbered (5) swimmers with unilateral amputation in the lower limb, as they represent (100%) of the original research community, three of them are from the S9 category and two from the S10 category.

The most important conclusions were:

1- Preventive exercises, explosive strength training, speed strength and speed endurance exercises, especially those performed using tools such as medical balls, rubber ropes and weights, effectively contributed to the development of achievement in swimming 100 meters for the category (s10 – s9).

2- Flexibility exercises and muscular lengthening exercises have a great role in reducing sports injuries and are among the important factors that increase muscular potential, range of motion, and kinetic speed, since all of these variables are related to each other.

Keywords: Protective exercises – physical abilities – swimming (100 meters) freestyle – category (S9-S10).

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