A brief summary of the research

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A brief summary of the research

Anaerobic endurance training in developing some physical abilities and achieving a time of 400 meters for women

Prof. Dr. Amer Fakher Shaghati 1, Alaa Hikmat Jassem 2

Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 1

Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 2

(1 amer71716@gmail.com, 2 alaahkmat1985@gmail.com)

Abstract: The effectiveness of 400 meters has become the focus of studies and research in the field of sports because it needs an integrated preparation from the physical, functional and psychological aspects, as it is affected by all the different qualities and abilities, and there are physical abilities that are effective in making a positive impact in continuing performance, such as the special endurance ability related to the less and more distances. With a little distance from the race (anaerobic endurance), so the importance of the research lies in laying down correct scientific foundations to bring about development as a result of using anaerobic endurance training in developing some physical abilities and completing a time of (400 meters) freestyle for the junior category. When looking at tournaments for the same event, many of the young players reach high levels by using intensive training, and the body continues to give for the best achievement, which prompted the researchers to search and investigate through the development of anaerobic endurance exercises to be an important training process within the reach of trainers and young players specialized in a sprint event (400 meters). Free and to be a reference to serve the training process in Iraq, hence the research problem. The objectives of the research are to prepare anaerobic endurance exercises to develop some of the physical abilities of the women’s (400m) freestyle runner. Recognizing the effect of anaerobic endurance training on research variables for the women’s (400m) freestyle sprint effectiveness.

The researchers used the experimental method by designing the experimental and control groups, and determined the research sample in a deliberate way, which included the players (Al-Zafaraniya, Al-Kahraba and Al-Fattah) in the province of Baghdad. ) using the auxiliary tools, and after obtaining the raw results, they were processed statistically.

The researchers concluded that anaerobic endurance training had a significant impact on the development of some physical abilities and the achievement of a time of 400 meters for women. The researchers recommend emphasizing anaerobic endurance training and planning for this type of training when training young women. Keywords: athletic training – physical abilities – 400-meter effectiveness

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