A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

Psychological flexibility and its relationship to the leadership behavior of the school sports activity supervisors in the Rusafa First Education Directorate
Ali Abdul Hadi Saleh Al-Zubaidi 1
Baghdad / Al-Rusafa First Directorate of Education / Al-Tibiyah Intermediate School for Boys 1
(1 Dr. Ali sport11@Gimal.com)

Abstract: The process of making sports achievement is one of the main pillars on which the training process is based, as well as other training elements, and this is related to the performance of the educational institution and its employees, including the technical supervisors in the school sports activity. The study aimed to identify these two variables (psychological flexibility, leadership behavior) of the technical supervisor in the school sports activity department in the education of Rusafa First and to know the relationship between these two variables. The study sample consisted of (12) supervisors from the training centers for the education of Rusafa First, and for Measuring the variables of the research The researcher used the two scales of psychological resilience of (Osama Kamel Ratib), which included (30) items, as well as the leadership behavior scale of (Mustafa Ismail Yassin), which included (40) items, and the forms were distributed to the technical supervisors during training periods, competitions and official work, and after collecting the forms And treated statistically, the researcher inferred the existence of a high moral correlation between the variables of psychological resilience and leadership behavior among the honorary technicians in the Directorate of Education Rusafa First, as well as the researcher reached a number of proposals and recommendations for future research in this field.
Keywords: psychological resilience – leadership behavior.

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