A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

A comparative study of some biomechanical indicators of high jump shooting with one leg and both legs for junior players in handball
Asst. Tamader Abdel Moneim Abdel Hussein 1
Ministry of Education/Education of the second Rusafa 1
(1 tamadur2310@gmail.com)

Abstract: What the research aims at is to reveal the learning style, develop some biomechanical indicators and shoot high with one leg and both legs with handball for the youth of the sample. Biomechanical variables and shooting with one leg or with both legs for the sample members, as the researcher used some indicators to compare shooting with jumping with a leg or with both legs, and this category of juniors is for this skill, because it is a difficult skill that needs to master skilled players in learning these skills Being effective offensive skills to win the result of the match, overcome the opponent and score goals, the research concluded the development and finding the relationship between some biomechanical indicators and the shooting with one leg or two legs together for the sample members. The researcher also recommended using other methods in developing biomechanical indicators for other skills in games other than samples other categories.
Keywords: biomechanics – high jump shooting – juniors – hand reel.

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