A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

Special exercises using the device (Vertimax) and their impact on endurance of the muscular strength of young basketball players
Prof. Roaa Salah Qaddouri 1, Prof. Jabbar Ali Jabbar 2
College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences/University of Maysan/Iraq 1
College of Physical Education and Sports Science/University of Dhi Qar/Iraq 2
) 1 Rusaualah82@gmail.com, 2 Dr.jabbersport@Gmail.com)

Abstract: The study aimed to identify the effect of the proposed special exercises using the Vertimax stationary jumping device in developing muscular strength endurance among the research sample members. The researchers reached the following conclusions: The special exercises proposed using the (Vertimax) device affected the development of endurance of muscular strength effectively among the members of the experimental group. Before the control group in endurance muscular strength. One of the most important recommendations is the need to use modern devices and tools that serve the player’s physical and skill performance, including the Vertimax device, because of its positive impact on the player’s development process physically and skillfully.
Opening words: Vertimax device – basic skills – endurance muscular strength – basketball – youth.

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