A brief summary of the research

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A brief summary of the research

Designing a device to measure movement time and its relationship to some biomechanical variables for goalkeepers of the Iraqi youth football team
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Walid Abdul Rahman 1, Abbas Hussein Khalifa 2
Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 1
Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 2
( 2 stfggr@gmail.com)

The importance of the research lies in finding a test to measure the action time of the young goalkeepers in football.
The problem of the research was that most goalkeepers suffer from a defect in the speed of the motor response, and from here it was necessary to search for the causes that stand behind this defect.
The research objectives were as follows:
1-Designing a device to measure movement time for goalkeepers in the youth football team.
2- Identifying the differences in some biomechanical variables for the goalkeepers of the youth football team.
3- Identifying the correlation between the measured variables and the movement time of the youth football goalkeepers.
The areas of research were as follows:
1- The human field: goalkeepers of the youth football team.
2- Time range: from 20/3/2021 to 1/8/2021.
3- Spatial domain: the stadiums for the training of the youth football team.
As for the research method, the researchers used the descriptive approach, and the research sample included 4 guards representing the youth football team.
The most important conclusions were the following:
1- The device designed by the researchers proved its validity in measuring the movement time of young football goalkeepers.
2- The measurement process through the devices is more accurate and realistic than the self-tests.
3- The segmentation of the response speed times when measured gives more accurate results about the source of the error and thus reduces the effort, time and money to address it.
4- It is not necessary to use the maximum amount of force that leads to a decrease in the response time. Sometimes this amount negatively affects the body’s posture and balance, and thus its effect on the response time. Therefore, the study showed that always using the appropriate amounts and access to the mechanism is effective in performance that enables the guard to provide the best results. .
As for the recommendations, they were:
1- Adopting the device designed to assist coaches and researchers in testing and evaluating the level of soccer goalkeepers.
2- The maximum force exerted by the guard is in the least time, but this requires physical characteristics and correct technique in terms of kinematic variables, such as the maximum decrease in the angle of the knee and the height of the center of gravity of the body when preparing and stepping.
3- Paying attention to horizontal strength exercises because of their great importance in moving the center of the body’s gravity from one direction to another.
Opening words: biomechanical variables, football, movement time, goalkeepers.

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