A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The effect of fast ability exercises on the strength and speed of performance of some skills for young players in Taekwondo
Prof. Dr. Maher Ahmed Assi Al-Esawy 1
Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Basic Education 1
( 1 maher_asi2000.edbs@uomustansiriyah.edu.iq)

Abstract: Understanding the nature of sports activity in all its aspects through careful scientific analysis requires experts and specialists to choose methods and training methods to raise the level of players and prepare them for competitions.
Fast power exercises are among the modern training styles that depend on the combination of strength exercises characterized by speed and maximum strength and can be implemented by various training methods such as ballistic training and plyometric training, as well as methods of strength exercises with weights, which are the most appropriate in the optimal preparation for taekwondo championships in line with the modifications that have occurred in the system Debates in it and can be used in the stages of private preparation and pre-competition and during preparation for competitions in the camps and intensive programs. The importance of the research lies in the use of rapid ability exercises, a modern training style that suits the needs of taekwondo players in preparing for official local and international competitions.
The aim of the research is to:
1- Preparing a program for rapid ability exercises that suits the capabilities of the research sample.
2- Recognizing the effect of quick power exercises on the strength and speed of some Taekwondo skills.
The researcher used the experimental method (single group design) for its suitability in solving the research problem, and applied the research to a sample of advanced Taekwondo players in the Arab Sports Club / Baghdad, which numbered (16) players (18-22 years old) representing the eight weight categories and by (2) One player for each weight. The researcher adopted the electronic device approved by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in calculating strength, and standardized tests in calculating the speed of performance of skills in Taekwondo. The training program began to be implemented on Sunday, 2/5/2021 and ended on Thursday Corresponding to 17/6/2021, with a total of (32) training units distributed over (8) weeks per week (4) units, rapid power exercises were used, which included (strength exercises distinguished by speed and explosive using ballistic and plyometric training methods, as well as maximum strength exercises). . Among the most important findings of the researcher were:
1- Fast ability exercises contributed to developing the strength and speed of performing skills of Taekwondo players.
2- The diversity of training methods used in the training program according to the pattern of rapid ability exercises, increased the effectiveness of training and shortened the time to reach the sports form.
3- The pattern of rapid ability exercises is most appropriate to use during training camps or in the pre-competition stage.
Keywords: quick ability – skills – youth – taekwondo.

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