A brief summary of the research

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A brief summary of the research

The aim of the current research is to identify the dimensions of the motives of participation among the players of the college teams for some of the team games in the University of Mosul Championship.
The research sample amounted to (60) players and the reality of (18) players for the effectiveness of football, and (22) players for the effectiveness of volleyball and(20) players for the effectiveness of basketball, the research tool the two researchers adopted the measure of motivation of participation prepared by (dwikat, 2004) the measure consists of (30) paragraph, and was verified hypothesis) and the most important findings of the researchers:
1-the presence of motives for participation in general among the players of the colleges teams in the University of Mosul Championship .
2-the team sports activity is one of the important activities for university students as they participate for different reasons and motives, the most important of which are: (motivation to work as a team, love team spirit, love to win fitness improve skill, reach the highest levels, love of challenge, and competition) as it was very important .
In light of the results of the research, the researchers recommended the following:
1-directing more attention to the motives of college students and identifying them by sports supervisors and coaches.
2-the need to pay attention to the psychological and personal aspects of students that can increase their motivation to participate .
The researchers also suggested what follows :
1-the need to conduct similar studies among individual players in college.
2-the need to make a comparison in the motives between the players of the group games and the players of the individual games teams .
Keywords: motivation-college teams – Team games-University of Mosul.

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