A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The study aimed to prepare skill exercises according to the mental rotation and the relationship in the development of the speed of motor response as it fits with the capabilities of the research sample. The two researchers used the experimental method of two groups of experimental group and the other control with pre-and post-test to suit the nature of the research.
The research sample was selected in a deliberate way students of the College of Basic Education Department of physical education and sports sciences Phase II and the number of (121) students for the academic year 2020/2021 .
The researchers divided the students into two groups experimental group of (15) and group control of (16) became the number of the final sample (131) students .
The researchers used a set of tests to measure the research variables, using three tests, namely the speed test of the modified motor response and the accuracy of handling.the skill exercises developed according to mental rotation were completed during a period of 8 weeks and one educational unit per week, due to the current situation in the country due to the outbreak of the corona epidemic and the inability of the researchers to complete the experiment to impose a total curfew on 15/2/2021 on Monday, according to the directives of the central crisis cell and the students ‘ interruption from work. As the skill exercises lasted for two months (8) weeks by an educational unit weekly on Sunday to be the total number of educational units (8) educational unit . The total time of the educational unit (90) minutes, the time of the main part in the educational unit (60) Minutes, and the researchers have reached several recommendations, including conducting studies similar to this study on skills and games other teams and individual and different ages and both sexes.
Keywords: skill exercises-mental rotation-teaching aids-motor response speed-football for the halls.

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