A brief summary of the research

International Sports Science Journal

A brief summary of the research

The first chapter included the introduction of research and its importance and the problem of research, but the problem of research crystallized in making the learner part of the educational process active and a main focus through the activation of mental processes and thinking investigation analysis and search for information and link between previous concepts and new concepts and link and form conceptual relationships between the cognitive structure of the learner to reach a high level of learning, and there is a clear omission of educational models and modern methods in teaching swimming. The research objectives included in identifying the impact of using the barman model in the acquisition of free swimming skill performance, while the research hypotheses included the absence of significant differences at the level of significance (0.05) in the results of tribal and dimensional tests between the experimental group and the control group in the acquisition of free swimming skill performance . The second chapter where the researchers used the experimental method to fit the nature of the problem as the research community and its sample has been determined the research community in a deliberate way, the students of the specialized school of swimming, which number (20) learner and excluded (4) being among the survey sample and(8) for the experimental sample and (8) for the control sample . The third chapter included the presentation, analysis and discussion of the results reached by the two researchers and supported by scientific sources that confirm the results, the fourth chapter may be of the conclusions and recommendations, the researcher concluded the effectiveness of the barman model in the acquisition of the skill performance of free swimming for the ages (8-10) years . The researcher also concluded that the educational modules prepared by the researcher have a positive impact in learning free swimming for ages (8-10) years . As for the recommendations, the researchers recommend that the barman educational model should be used to acquire the skill performance of free swimming for ages (8-10) in the education of other age groups . The researchers also recommend the use of the barman model in teaching other sports events (basketball, volleyball, fencing and other sports events).
Key words: barman model-skill acquisition – free swimming .

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